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The ultimate tool to manage your fleet; reliably and efficiently.

BCC Tracking provides detailed insight into the way your commercial fleet is used. Ensure that every vehicle is being used efficiently, and easily make positive changes to safety, fuel efficiency and longevity. With BCC Tracking's fleet management tool, you will be able to maximise your productivity using tried and tested methods.

View a vehicle's live location from the main KPI dashboard, or directly within the mobile application (IOS/Android) and get additional insight via detailed reporting. BCC Tracking's portal even gives you the power create your own reports and to have them delivered in a method of your choosing. This is the best way to get a picture of your fleet's overall efficiency and your workforce's driving behaviour and statistics.

Our Products

Mileage Logger

Logging your mileage becomes easy when using BCC Tracking's online portal! Within no time at all, you will be able to use our all in one, automatic mileage logger to claim financial benefits from HMRC! To top it off, you will also receive the included BCC Tracking Driver App; including navigation, driving statistics and a whole host of additional features to enrich your driving experience!

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Fleet Management

A complete overview of your fleet in one place! Follow the live location of all your vehicles, monitor accurate vehicle mileage, or maintain the vehicles from afar with live diagnostic codes. Our complete solution was developed with safety in mind, allowing you to monitor in depth driving behaviour and host driver competitions to make improvements.

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+ Remote Diagnostics
Our devices also serve as an on-board diagnostics tool. We can read and translate all standard DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) allowing you to diagnose vehicle health issues remotely, plan more accurately for repair/maintenance and reduce costly vehicle downtime. Read more about parking>
+ Drivers App
With the BCC Tracking Driver App, your drivers can easily manage their trips and privacy modes (private, commute and business). In addition, navigation, traffic information and vehicle diagnostics are all available from the palm of their hands! The Driver App is available for both IOS and Android via the Apple and Google Play store. Read more about the Driver App>
+ Hardware
For every possible situation, we have the appropriate solution! From our Plug-and-Play device which doesn't require any installation, to our hardwired BlackBox with immobiliser and Driver ID! In addition, our J1939 firmware is made especially for trucks and heavy duty vehilce which operate using a different protocol! Read more about our Hardware>
+ Driving Behaviour
It's a known fact that the better you driver, the less a vehicle costs to operate. This doesn't only apply to fuel economy, but additionally to the wear and tear of the vehicle. With a few simple steps, you will be able to organise driving competitions amongst drivers, driving your bottomline! Read more about Driving Behaviour>
+ Reports
The BCC Tracking portal has several standard reports which can be used for a quick overview of your fleet! Topics such as CO2 output, trip history and driving behaviour are all available as standard. In addition, you can easily create you own custom reports with different parameters to suit you individual needs. Read more about Reports>
+ Competitions
With BCC Tracking, you can make improving driving behaviour a fun experience by engaging the workforce in competitions! Colleagues compete on a weekly/monthly basis to attain the best driving score and can be rewarded based on their effort/ results. Competitions are a proven way to improve your workforce's driving. Read more about Competitions>
+ Carsharing
Make use of BCC Tracking's built in Carsharing module. This allows companies with multiple, shared vehicles to efficiently manage the fleet. Drivers can easily book vehicles based on pre defined rules set by the company administrators. Read more about Carsharing>
+ DriverID
Know exactly who is driving during which trips with BCC Tracking's DriverID system. We have a multiple methods that can be employed such as RFID tags, Ibutton and even bluetooth authentication systems. These all work in conjunction with either a buzzer or immobiliser to enforce the correct practice and ensure the driver succesfully identifies themselves. Read more about DriverID>


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