Personal Telematics offer advanced security benefits, automatic mileage calculation and service/maintenance scheduling. You will also gain access to various pro features like the DriverAPP and Reporting.
Automatic mileage logging without the hassle
Personal Telematics
From only £10 per month!

Keeping track of your mileage is often a complicated administrative job! With BCC Tracking, the hard part is done for you!  Your automatic, reliable mileage logger will record all your vehicle related activity, and ensure you are able to recover expenses from HMRC!

All your trips will be automatically recorded, and can be located in your personal app or web account! The Driver App includes statistics, navigation and keeps a record of your driving behaviour. There's always room for improvement!

Standard Features

Trip Mode
Your employees can easily switch between trip modes on either the app or web (Private, Business or Commute). This will define the privacy mode and changes the way administrators can access your personal trip data.
MileIQ provides the user with a complete historical account of trips driven. Details include start/ stop locations, distance, duration, average speed and the exact route that was taken. In addition, driving behaviour will also be logged for every trip.
We collect millions (possibly even billions!) of data points for each BCC Tracking customer. We take security very seriously, and employ best-in-class technology to keep your information safe. Our hardware has integrated cryptographic elements which encrypt the data transfer between device and cloud. This is bolstered by 2 way TLS communication which enhances security further. You can rest assured that your data is always secure with Fleetify!
Gain insight into the driving behaviour of your workforce. The better they drive, the less your vehicle will cost to maintain/ operate. Not only will you save on fuel, but it will also reduce wear and tear significantly.
BCC Tracking's MileIQ allows users to accurately record yearly mileage expense. This information can be submitted to HMRC to receive tax compensation.
Vehicle Status
Check the actual odometer position of your vehicle via either web/mobile. In addition, MileIQ will provide detailed maintenance and diagnostic information allowing you to plan service checks ahead of time.
Trip privacy is a very important consideration when vehicle tracking is involved, as drivers want to know they aren't being 'followed' outside of business hours. When using 'Privacy' mode, company admins will have restricted view over a driver's movements, and will not be able to see information pertaining to individual trips.

Extra Features!

+ Remote Diagnostics
Our devices also serve as an on-board diagnostics tool. We can read and translate all standard DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) allowing you to diagnose vehicle health issues remotely, plan more accurately for repair/maintenance and reduce costly vehicle downtime. Read more about Parking>
+ Driver App
With the BCC Tracking Driver App, your drivers can easily manage their trips and privacy modes (private, commute and business). In addition, navigation, traffic information and vehicle diagnostics are all available from the palm of their hands! The Driver App is available for both IOS and Android via the Apple and Google Play store. Read more about our Driver App>
+ Driving Behaviour
It's a known fact that the better you driver, the less a vehicle costs to operate. This doesn't only apply to fuel economy, but additionally to the wear and tear of the vehicle. With a few simple steps, you will be able to organise driving competitions amongst Read more about Driving Behaviour>
+ Hardware
Our Plug and Play device doesn't require any installation, and can be fitted in any vehicle post 2001! This means that you can order your device from us directly, and simply install in the vehicle's OBD port to begin logging your mileage! It's that simple! Read more about Hardware>
+ Reports
The BCC Tracking portal has several standard reports which can be used for a quick overview of your fleet! Topics such as CO2 output, trip history and driving behaviour are all available as standard. In addition, you can easily create you own custom reports with different parameters to suit you individual needs. Read more about Reports>
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